Balloon Unreachable Knowledge.

Balloonr is a platform — based on science and research — to address how humans actually share information and make decisions. Accelerate time to wisdom, debias decision-making, and establish an idea meritocracy.

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Amazing companies with enlightened leaders use Balloonr

How Balloonr Works

  • Solicit anonymous ideas or feedback
  • Collaborate and build on them
  • Blind vote on responses
  • Get insights never before possible
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Backed By Science

Our existing business tools and processes - collaboration tools, meetings, surveys, email, etc. - are broken. They don’t address the way our brains actually work in a group setting. They don’t account for:

  • Group Dynamics
  • Dozens of Cognitive Biases
  • Corporate Culture
  • Fear of Failure / No Psychological Safety

This results in:

bad decision-making
stalled innovation
wasted time

We built Balloonr from the ground-up - based on hundreds of studies across the areas of cognitive science, neuroscience, social science, public health, and psychology - to address how humans actually share information and make decisions.

Balloonr removes the most costly cognitive biases, promotes psychological safety, creates a level playing field and meritocracy, and accelerates time-to-wisdom.

Organizations and teams of all sizes — from startups to enterprise — rely on Balloonr.

Driving results across diverse industries

Financial Services
Media & Entertainment


“If knowledge is power, Balloonr may hold the keys to the kingdom. Because today, it's what you don't know that you don't know that can kill your business in no time at all.”

Howard Tullman, 1871
Inc., April 2016

“This could bring to light voices who aren’t normally heard within a company, including people who aren’t invited to meetings because they aren’t seen as 'expert' enough- resulting in more accurate calculations of value which could lead to promoting the best people, rather than the perceived best people or people with the loudest voices. This would improve organizational leadership and overall revenue.”

Samantha Karlin, Ashoka
LinkedIn Pulse, April 2017

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